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LNG Import Terminal

We are building a LNG import terminal in Lagos and this terminal will serve as a storage for LNG and distribution hub to end users.

Captive power solutions

As we supply gas to the end user, we shall also assist users without gas engines. We have the competence to provide a one stop service for off-grid power generation. This service will include Engineering, Procurement, and Construction and operation and maintenance.

LNG Shipping

Through our partners, we will efficiently move LNG from the loading ports to the LNG import terminals.

LNG Distribution

We will bring LNG and CNG to your location wherever and whenever it is required for your power generation, industrial use or transportation fuel needs. We can sign offtake agreement for supply of LNG and we have a particular focus on small scale LNG distribution, in which small cargos of LNG can be utilised as opposed to the traditional big volumes.